The Hero Journey Membership

The Hero Journey Membership

I'm excited for you to take your amazing hero journey as you build heroes in your homeschool!  

But it's not just about having a curriculum.  That's not going to solve all the problems, as we all know.  When you homeschool your kids you find that there are other issues that pop up that make it difficult! 

I  remember when I started homeschooling, I struggled in so many more areas than just homeschooling the kids.  I mean, they are home ALL.DAY!  I surveyed hundreds of homeschoolers to find out what the biggest struggles they were experiencing, and I found they were very similar to mine.  

I didn't want to just sell you a curriculum, I wanted to create an amazing community that can help you on your homeschooling journey!  

Introducing The Hero Journey Membership!  
The only membership to help you consistently get better in your homeschool life while raising leaders in your home!  

You'll feel empowered and confident in your homeschool and life as you improve your homeschool life systems, find time for you, and raise leaders in your home!  All with the support of a wonderful community!  

In this membership you will: 

*Get your house in order and have the kids help!   
*Learn to be more consistent and follow through 
*Create a vision for what you REALLY want 
*Focus on what is most important for you and your family 
*Get homeschooling support so you can *stick* to the curriculum
*Build character in your kid heroes and learn to motivate them!  
*Feel supported by a community of amazing women who are building heroes in their home 
*Not stay stuck - you can get your questions answered and support!  

Get a mentor and allies for your hero journey!  

This is what you'll get:  

**Private Facebook community of amazing hero builders like you! 
**BHA Jumpstart training, support and teaching tips 
**Monthly topic training & action challenge to improve homeschool life 
**Monthly live group coaching and Q&A 
**Monthly guest training
**MomTime - Dedicated time for YOU to accomplish what you never get around to (Our members LOVE this!)
**And so much more! 

Join our community to get the support you need to create your best homeschool year ever!  

Come find your tribe here!   

Will I have time for this?  
You can pick and choose what you want to participate in and what you feel will help most.  There shouldn't be more than an hour of content a week.  The challenges will help you gain MORE time and focus in your life.  And you'll love joining the membership group because it will power you up with the feeling of belonging and moving forward. 

What is your cancellation policy? 
We have a 14 day No Mom Fail guarantee!  Cancel within 14 days for a full money-back guarantee, if you haven't downloaded any contact.   

Your membership will be on auto renew.  You can cancel your monthly or yearly membership any time by contacting us at   

Who is this for? 
This is for moms who want to build heroes in their home and want help building a strong foundation in a judgement free, friendly and supportive community! 

13 Modules

The BHA Teaching Tips Vault

The BHA Jumpstart videos will be here plus teaching tips videos 

Transformation: The Mentor Badge

The purpose of the mentor badge is to share what you have learned after each round. 

Complete one level of the mentor badge for every ROUND you do.  A round is 6 months of challenges.   

Complete these in order, i.e. level 1, level 2, etc.   

It doesn't matter what order you do the rounds in, but the levels are best done in order.  

Mentor badges will NOT be done during one of the monthly rounds, you do those to complete the round during any month (along with the monthly challenge.) 

VIP Hero Ambassador

Share the Hero Journey Membership!  

More info coming... 

Modules for this product 13
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